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Welcome to Adventure Travel South America. We thought we would just give you a quick run-down about us here.

In 2009, three friends from the University of Birmingham, England, decided to travel South America - Tom, Jonnie & Rich. We had been planning our trip for almost the entire of 2008.

Beginning of the Inca Trail
Me, Jonnie and Rich at the beginning of the Inca Trail

So, why did you chose South America you ask?

For all three of us it was a very easy choice. We wanted to something a bit different and also wanted to avoid the Australia / Thailand craze. South America was perfect. The diverse landscapes, the range of climates and the incredible culture made the decision for us. Not to mention that we all wanted pick up a bit of Spanish and what better way than being in a continent that is dominated by the language!

Sunset in Venezuela
Sunset in Venezuela

This trip was by far the best experience our lives and we will forever look back with nothing but fond memories of the places we went and friends we made.

In January 2009 we set off for Sao Paulo, Brazil. Our trip included Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, Tango in Buenos Aires, and Spanish school in Cordoba, Touring the Salt Flats in Bolivia, Trekking the Inca Trail in Peru and visiting the wineries of Chile. This is just a taste of what we did on this trip and as we reminisce about this, the smile on our faces goes from ear-to-ear.

Just landed in Sao Paulo
Me, Jonnie and Rich have just landed in Sao Paulo

We thought we would write a little bit of info on each of us separately, so just click on our photo's below to learn more.

We hope you enjoy our site! And if you find any errors or disagree with anything then please feel free to get in touch.

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