Explore the Best Adventure Tours Peru

Adventure tours Peru are one of the main attractions of visiting the country. It is quite incredible that one country has such an amazing amount of tours that can satisfy almost all kinds of adventure seekers. We had the opportunity to experience several tours, but there were just too many to claim that we conquered them all. So we have put together some information on what we think are the best adventure tours Peru. We have spoke with many travellers and we hope you find this information useful for planning your time in Peru.

Our Recommended Tours

1. The World Famous Inca Trail Tour

You'll need plenty of insect repellent and sun tan lotion, but this trek is surely one not to miss! The tour will last 5 days (4 nights) and will be physically demanding. It is not a trek for those who tire quickly. That being said, you do not need a great level of fitness. I think "moderate" would be the best word to describe it's difficulty.

Check out some great hints and tips about the Classic Inca Trail here.

You will have an experience of a lifetime. Trekking through stunning jungle areas is quite simply amazing. Not to mention passing exotic animals in the jungle and playing around in sparkling water falls.

If you can't manage to get a pass for the "classic" Inca Trail, then check out the Inca Jungle Trek

2. Nazca Lines

The Nazca Lines are a Peruvian adventure that is absolutely unique. These are big images of animals that have been etched into the ground can be seen from high above from a mountain viewpoints or helicopter.

For more info about the Nazca Lines click here.

3. Make your way to Lake Titicaca - The World’s Highest Navigable Lake

Adventure tours Peru will probably take you to Lake Titicaca, which is a really interesting experience where you will spend about 40 minutes in a boat that will eventually take you to the Isla del Sol (Island of Sun). Prior to arriving at the island you will spend time on the famous floating islands and will have chance to speak to the people that live on them! Then you will be able to walk around the beautiful Isle del Sol and take in the spectacular views across what seems to be a massive ocean.

Take a look at the amazing Lake Titicaca.

4. Sandboarding Tours in Western Peru

Sandboarding is becoming one of the "must do's" in Peru. You can arrange to go to one of the tours who will provide all the equipment and transport to enjoy sandboarding down huge dunes in the blistering sunshine. It is pretty easy to get to grips with and for those of you who are not too confident, there are different size dunes with less freghtening gradients. Cerro Blanco, the World's highest sand dune near Nazca could be your next challenge!

5. Amazon Tours

The Amazon is one of the most natural, untouched places in the World.If you are looking to get down and dirty with nature then this is the tour for you. In the north-east of the country you will find some of the most beautiful fauna, wildlife and landscapes anywhere in the World. You can spend the days spotting exotic animals, striding through the jungle, relaxing below stunning waterfalls (or jumping in them).

6. Horse Riding Tours

Horse riding in Peru dates back hundreds of years. And it's no suprise as riding through some of the countries most beautiful landscapes on horse back is incredibly relaxing. Arequipa is a great place to take a horse riding tour. We hope you enjoy your Peruvian Adventure!