Airports in Chile

Airports in Chile are a great way to get around if your budget allows for it. The length of this country means that a flight here or there would save some invaluable time when travelling through South America. The infrastructure in place is fantastic though and each major city or sightseeing attractionis connected with an airport. In fact, there are over 20 airports connecting the country from north to south.

Santiago International Airport

Santiago International Airport, or Arturo Merino Benitez Airport as otherwise known, is one of the best airports in Chile. It is a very modern, well maintained place with some great places to eat, some comfy and spacious places to relax and duty free for all you shoppaholics!

I have had the pleasure of flying to Santiago on several occasions now and have had a great experience. Undoubtedely, the most spectacular charactersitic of this airport is it's location. Whether you are taking off or landing, try and get a window seat! The views of the Andes that you will pass over en route aretruly astonoshing. You will fly over snow capped mountains and sparkling lakes. Then, once you have flown through, what appears to be a gap between mountains, you will begin descenging swiftly in to the airport. One amazing bit of technology used on some flights is an overhead video. So the views of the surroundings are shown on the TV's on board and provide a fantastic view of the natural landscapes.

It is quite simply the most spectacle "normal" flight that you will ever travel on.

How to get there from Downtown Santiago

Buses run regularly from the main bus station in the city centre and leave approximately every 10-15 minutes.

The shuttle / taxi service offered by a couple of firms within the city are a great way to get to and from the airport. I used this service in 2010 and for about 10 dollars I was picked up from my hotel room and taken directly to the airport. The hostel organised this for me and it was a very straight forward proces. I believe that all the hostels are very familiar with this service and the best advice would be to ask the hostel receptionist to arrange a shittle for you.


The airport in Iquique is one of the most northern airports in Chile and is approximately a 24 hour bus ride from Santiago. Now if you are looking to go directly from Iquique to Santiago, a flight might be your best option. They can be cheap if booked in advance and it will take only an hour to get there.

How to get there from centre

The airport has a bus service that goes direct to the airport and leaves the main bus terminal from the centre of town.

However, with all your luggauage I think that the best option would be to jump in to a taxi. When I was there in 2009, It cost approximately $20US to get from the southern side of the city up to the north, where the airport is located.

The best advice would be to ask your hotel receptionist if it is possible for them to arrange it. After all, they are there to help!

Here is your Complete List of All Airports in Chile

With direct flights from United Kingdom or the US

Santiago Arturo
Merino Benitez
Calama Easter Island
Antofagasta La Serena Balmaceda
Iquique Punta Arenas Temuco
Puerto Montt Arica Valdivia
Concepcion Copiapo Osorno