Argentina Culture: Explore all the Magical Country has to Offer!

Argentina Culture oozes in abundance! In some ways the culture can be compared to life here in the UK. But there is soemthing in the aire that makes you excited as soon as you arrive! The intriguing atmosphere just hits you in the face as you step off the bus in each different area you go. However, suprisingly it also feels slightly different in each city.

Me and Jonnie Argentina Flag
Me and Jonnie flying the Argentinean flag

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I found that all cities and towns have their own unique feel and that there is something charming and unusual about each place. But if there is one thing that you need to know about Argentinean's before arriving there, it is this.....

They abolsutely love their football. This is common accross South America, but the passion for football in this country is absolutely phenomenal and is a massive part of Argentina culture. As a huge football fan I loved it and was fortunate to go and see a few games including Boca Juniors and also a league 2 game at Cordoba. These were great experiences (even if a little terrifying!!)

City Tours Argentina

A great way to get to know the cities and to explore Argentina culture is to organise a few city tours. This is something I wish I had done a bit more of. The larger cities, especially Buenos Aires, can be a bit difficult to go and explore alone. So a guided tour of the city might prove to be the best idea. Find out more about Argentina City Tours

La Boca
Pretty, Artistic houses in La Boca

Tourist Attractions in Argentina

There are an abundance of things for you to go see and do in argentina. From skiing in the south to the vinyards in las pampas....... Argentina has Everything ..... And I haven't even mentioned Buenos Aires! You could spend a year in this city and not cover all the things there are to do. Most hostels offer a service whereby they organise activities and all you have to do is pay and turn up. Although this is often not the best value for money it is garaunteed to be well organised and a great day out.

When I was in Buenos Aires I went to watch Boca Juniors play. Now I had two options. I could either go with the hostel or go myself to the ground and buy them directly. I decided to buy from the hostel at a cost of $120 pesos (about £18)..........As you already know, I travelled with two of my best mates from uni. They decided they would just go to La Boca and buy them directly. They paid $40 pesos (I didn't realise it would be this much of a difference!). This was a massive saving in terms of pesos.

So it really depends on what you fancy doing. The country has all you could want for an escape to a beautiful, random and lively country. If you are looking for a holiday that is a bit different but also truly amazing then Argentina Holidays are definately for you. There are things to do for both the younger and the more experienced of people. Argentina culture really does shine through in its tourist attractions and I am 100% sure you will have a great time.

Salsa Dancers
La Bombonera - The Home of La Boca

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Weather Argentina

The weather plays a massive part in Argentina culture. The whole country is geared for outside living and I love it! Here in England we are always inside and for the festivals that we do venture out, we usually end up wet and muddy (think Glastonbury!) But the weather in Argentina lets the people spend lots of time outdoors. Argentina spans a huge length from north to south of South America and with this comes varying weather conditions throughout the regions.

The South of Argentina contains beautiful, lush landscapes with glaciers floating at its most southern point. The north in contrast is located in the Atacama desert and conditions are extremely hot especially during summer months. Central Argentina is obviously a lot more seasoned and the weather in Cordoba for example can be fantasticly hot in summer (up to 40 degrees) and cold in the winter (normally down to about 5 degrees).

Handstand in Playa de Oro
Handstand in Playa de Oro, Cordoba

But as you would probably be thinking, you will definately be needing sun tan lotion in any part of the country and although I don't tan very well (Welsh heritage!), I have managed to get a bright red tan even down south. When I am in Cordoba, especially during the summer, the weather is simply amazing. Swapping the dull, wet and gloomy days for 12 hour warm, sun filled days is a lovely and welcome change for me. ..........................

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Argentina Facts

I thought that I would try and find the top 5 most interseting facts about Argentina culture. There will no doubt be hundreds but I would be here all day writing about them.
One that I won't include in the list is the Argentine trait to be unable to turn up on time for anything. This may stretch in fact to South America as a whole, but the "mañana" lifestyle is certainly engrained into society. At first, this really irritated me, but I eventually began to understand that I wasn't in London anymore. I wasn't in a place where everyone MUST be running to work or in a massive hurry to get things done right at this minute.

Instead, they have a great attitude in that what I understand to be that they enjoy life and take a relaxed approach to it. Now that I am working 8-6 in London I have come to really appreciate this Argentina culture trait. Would I rather be running down a 100m almost vertical escalator trying to get to work on time with someone shouting because they are already late? or would I prefer to be relaxing in the sunshine, feeling 'oh-so-relaxed' as I amble about the place moving on to my next backpacking destination? The answer is quite simple and I'm sure I know what you would prefer too.

So anyway, I have created an Argentina Facts section for some of the most interseting facts I can think of.