Great Argentina Facts

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Top 10 Argentina Facts

The Argentine Population

The Argentina population is one of the largest in South America and is about 40,518,951. The largest portion of the population is found in the Buenos Aires Province with around 13,349,000 people. Cordoba has the second largest population with around 1.3 million.

Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina

Buenos Aires is is located on the south east of the country and is often known as the Paris of South America. It has a very European feeling to it, which is not surprising really since the Spanish and Italians were the first settlers here.

The main language of Argentina is Spanish

It is in fact the 4th largest Spanish speaking country in the World after Spain, Colombia and Mexico. It is a slightly different Spanish to the rest of the World though and they use the pronoun "vos" instead of "tu" to represent the word "you"

Argentine Spanish: Vos Sos Argentino
Rest of World Spanish: Tu Eres Argentino

This is probably one of the Argentina facts that you didnt know though. There are other languages that are widely spoken including German, Quechua, Yiddish and Mapudungun

Argentina was found by Spanish explorers

In the 16th century and the man in charge of the fleet was Juan Diaz de Solis. They were attempting to find out what the first stop was between the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian ocean and ended up stumbling into the estuary of Rio de La Plata.

Argentina is the second largest country in South America

With a total land size of 1,056,636 sq miles. There is a vast array of different land types including snow capped mountains, arid deserts, beautiful springs and lakes and dense, built up cities. Argentina actually has the largest mountain in South America and a portion of one of the most famous waterfalls in the World.

The hottest temperature

The hottest temperature ever recorded in Argentina was in 1905 in Rivadavia coming in at 48.9°C.

The coldest temperature

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Argentina was in 1907 in Sarmiento coming in at -33°C.

President Cristina

The current president of Argentina is Cristina Elisabet Fernandez de Kirchner. She has already served one term and has recently ran and succeeded to begin serving another term in office. She is the 55th president of Argentina and has succeeded her husband who was the former president.

Cristina, as she is known throughout the country, is from La Plata in Buenos Aires and is writing her name into Argentina history. She is a human rights activist and promotes poverty awareness and health improvements.

The Argentine National Anthem

The Argentina National Anthem is called Cancion Patriotica (Patriotic Song). It was written by Vicente Lopez Planes and the music created by a Spanish man called Blas Parera. The national anthem was determined as the official song on May 11th 1813, so May 11th is now known as Anthem Day in Argentina.

Aconcagua facts

This is one of my favourite Argentina facts that not many people tend to know.

Aconcagua is the largest mountain in South America (6962m). It is part of the Andes and is found in the region of Mendoza Province. There are several glaciers up to 10km long.

The first time someone tried to climb it was in 1882 by a German geologist. They reached an altitude of 6500m and they way they climbed is still the way mountaineers go today.

The mountain actually played a part in the Disney cartoon "Pedro"!

Fun Facts about Argentina

Che Guevarra

The famous Che Guevarra was born in Cordoba, Argentina on June 14th in 1928. He was one of the key figures in the Cuban Revolution. He did a lot if things in his life time and was a physician, author, diplomat along with being a military theorist and a guerrilla leader. He is still loved in Argentina and they use the word "Che" to greet each other. He died in 1967.

The Argentine football team

The Argentina football team have won the World cup on two occasions - in 1978 and 1986. They are alongside Brazil and Spain as the only team who has won the World Cup outside of their home continent.

Diego Maradona

I couldn't write a page on Argentina facts and not include one of the most intriguing sportsmen of all time!

Diego Maradona is probably the greatest player of all time and was born in Buenos Aires in 1960. Throughout the football world he is a legend and a hero, playing in 4 World Cups and winning 1 as captain. He was also player of the tournament scoring two of the most talked about goals in the history of football against England. One being the "Hang of God" goal and also the goal known as the "goal of the century" where he dribbled around 6 players to score and put Argentina through to the semi-finals.


The most beautiful of Argentina Facts!

The most famous dance in Argentina and maybe the World! It was created in Rio de la Plata, not far from Buenos Aires. It is now danced throughout the World in many different forms. UNESCO has inscribed it onto their list of Intangible Cultural Heritage List in 2009.