The Best Argentina Travel Guides

Argentina travel guides are a great way to get to know what you are in for before you set off. I have created this section to try and give you an idea if you will like each place, which hopefully will make your planning a little easier.

Being the land of sublime steak, red wine and the Gaucho's, you certainly won't be dissapointed. This truly is a beautiful country and due to its incredible size, there are a huge range of cultures, landscapes and climates so maybe City Tours would be a good way to get a great overview, especially if you are pushed for time.

Argentina Travel Guides: Buenos Aires!!!!

If you travel to this city over night do not be surprised if you wake up thinking you are in Barcelona. This city has an incredibly European feel, which may not be totally surprising as it was built by European immigrants. It is also huge so city tours Argentina may be a great idea so that you can cover as much of this place in a good amount of time.
Boca Stadium
La Bombonera - Home of La Boca

The charm and character of this place is enormous. You will definitely find locals chatting about football as well seeing outdoor tango and many artesian markets. By visiting the different neighbourhoods within Buenos Aires (Barrio's) you will get a feel for the diverse range of past times and traditions.

Argentina Travel Guides: Iguazu Falls

iguazu Falls
Amazing Iguazu Falls

Iguazu is the home to the incredible Iguazu Falls. These waterfalls are fascinating and the immensity of their power can be felt before you even see them. The shear noise of the water crashing can be heard a good distance before your eyes witness possibly the greatest waterfalls the world has to offer. The breathtaking 360 degree views coincide with the moist air and the fantastic wildlife. If your looking for City tours Argentina, then this place will surely be on your itinary. It definately wont let you down.

Taking an Argentina tour of the falls will allow you to get up close and personal. You can walk through the national park alongside, over and under the waterfalls and you are sure to come across animals that you probably will not have seen before. But be careful, if you have food, they will try to take it!! You can also take a boat ride on this side of the falls where you will be driven underneath the waterfall and you will inevitably get drenched. This is however a fantastic experience and is sure to leave you feeling in awe of the natural surroundings.

Argentina Travel Guides: Patagonia and the South

Lake in El Bolson
Beautiful Lake in El Bolson

The South of Argentina is one of the most beautiful place I have ever seen and si a definate Argentina tour to explore! It is truly draw-dropping. The treks, activities and sights you can see are amazing! You will be taken back by the shear natural beauty of this place. There are lakes in abundance that are so big it is ok to think they are part of the ocean. There are snow-capped mountains that are great for trekking and exploring. There are crystal clear rivers that are great to relax alongside during the day (although the water is very cold outside of summer). There are also islands to visit and an abundance of adventure activities like rafting, zip-wiring, sky diving and paragliding.

Argentina Travel Guides: Mendoza and the Vinyards

Vinyard in Mendonza

Mendoza city is a pretty, little city in the heart of Argentina's wine region. The Cuyo region within Mendoza contains over 90% of all vineyards within the country, so if you're a wine lover this city is a must. The region is based in desert land but the river and the local drainage basin provides a fantastic irrigation system creating a perfect environment for vineyards to make top class wine. So a wine tour may be what your looking for. However, this city is not limited to just wine. You can also do great activites like paragliding, cycling, sky diving and others alike.

Cordoba, the Home of Che Guevarra

When your looking for a city tours Argentina, you cant go far wrong with this city. This city will seduce you into wanting more once you have been there long enough to enjoy what it has to offer. This city has been voted the Captial of Culture of South America, which is a hefty tag..... But it doesn't dissapoint.

Playa De Oro
Playa de Oro in Villa Carlos Paz

The Sierra's have beautiful places and if you enjoy hiking, trekking and being in touch with nature then this area will be ideal for you. Accomodation can be found in all towns and villages throughout the Sierras at reasonable prices and you will also be able to go horse riding, fishing and Hang-gliding within these areas.

Just outside the centre there is a town called Alta Gracia. This is an important area as it is home to Che Guevara and his old house is now a museum, which is definately worth a visit. The area is also host to some of the cities most treasured Jesuit architecture and museums such as the Viceroy Lineiers or the Manuel de Falla museum.