The Ultimate Guide to Bolivia Attractions

Here is our pick of the top Bolivia attractions. Hopefully you will find this to be a useful guide when you are travelling around the country.

Salar De Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni or the salt flats are probably the most famous Bolivia attraction. They are located on the Andean altiplano and act as the culmination to the truly staggering 4 day salt flats tour. On the approach you are particularly struck by the sheer vastness and quantity of space that surrounds you. At 4000 square miles it encompasses an area that is 10 times bigger than New York City and waiting on the flats as the sun rises above the horizon is something that everyone must experience when they travel South America.

Jonnie playing football on the Salt Flats just before sunrise.
Jonnie playing football on the Salt Flats just before sunrise.

The Witches Market

Markets are commonplace when you travel South America but there are none quite like the vast Witches Market that sprawls across the streets of La Paz. The Witches Markets are perhaps best known for the often bizarre and unusual products that are available on its stalls. Here you can purchase a number of ritualistic objects such as potions, dried frogs and the infamous llama foetuses that are used by the Aymara to bless a new home. But there is also a lot of genuinely great bargains to be had here and if some of your clothes are beginning to fray after a long time travelling you can refresh the wardrobe!

The infamous llama foetus at the Witches Market in La Paz
The infamous llama foetus at the Witches Market in La Paz.

Cholita Wrestling

Perhaps the most unique Bolivia attraction is the cholita wrestling which you can see in La Paz. The whole thing is a little bit hard to describe but generally consists of little people fighting large butch wrestlers in what creates a truly bizarre spectacle. It is a hilariously funny way to spend an evening and has become a really popular piece of entertainment for the Bolivians where the performers are all minor celebrities.

The bizarre sight that is Bolivian Cholita Wrestling
The bizarre sight that is Bolivian Cholita Wrestling.

The Death Road

This is a Bolivia Attraction for those that are real thrill seekers, but do so at your own risk! The Yungas Road has become synonymous with Bolivia culture ever since it was named the world's most dangerous road by the Inter-American Development Bank in 1995. It is thought that around 200-300 people are killed on the road every year which is unsurprising given that in many places along the way the road is just 3 metres wide and has sheer drops of up to 600 metres!

Jonnie and Tom on the Death Road.
Jonnie and Tom on the Death Road.

Tour of Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca is the World's highest navigable lake and also the largest lake on the continent. It is most well renowned as a Bolivia attraction however, for being the home of the Uros people, a population of natives that live on a series of 44 floating islands that are made from totora reeds. Most tours leave from Puno and although the general area does not have a huge amount to offer it is well worth putting a couple of days aside to see how these people live.

The incredible floating islands at Lake Titicaca
The incredible floating islands at Lake Titicaca

A Trip into the Jungle

For much of your time in Bolivia you will travel at altitude where the air is thinner and the temperatures are somewhat cooler than you are used to when you travel South America. But should you venture to the lowlands in the east of the country you will experience something much warmer. The jungle regions, which include the area of Bolivia's largest city Santa Cruz, are a great chance to take a trek into the rainforest at a low price comparative to other countries. For trips into the Bolivian Pampas and the surrounding jungle you are best to situate yourself in the gateway town of Rurrenabaque.

A small village in the Bolivian jungle
A small village in the Bolivian jungle

Potosi and the Silver Mines

Potosi is widely attributed to be the highest city in the world at just under 4000 metres and is a Bolivia attraction that is worth the visit assuming the altitude is not already affecting you too badly in La Paz! The main Bolivia attraction in the city is the silver mines which are fascinating because it gives you an impression of the awful working conditions that are still present there. Heading down into a claustrophobic environment where the altitude is already making the air thin makes you particularly breathless!