What are your favourite Brazil Beaches?

Brazil beaches......... clear, shiny waters rush upon to white, soft sand backed by colourful rainforest. Only in Brazil! They are definitely some of the most beautiful in the World and I could not believe just how picturesque some of these were during my backpacking adventure.

There cannot be many places in the World that is lucky enough to have this scenario! But Brazil does!

I travelled to many different Brazil beaches around the southern regions of the country, while Vanessa loves the south-east around the Florianopolis area. To get a wider perspective I have also got in touch with a very good friend who spent quite a long time wind surfing in the north-east of Brazil. Jenni had a great time for many weeks hopping from beach to beach, so has a lot of great information for you.

Jonnie on the Beach at Lopez Mendes
Jonnie at Lopez Mendes Beach, Ilha Grande

Safety on the Brazil Beaches

Crime on the Beaches

As you can imagine, the safety on the beaches in Brazil varies from one beach to another. In Parati for example, I spent entire nights on the beach chatting with fellow travellers and seemed to be there until the sun came up. This is a small, quiet beach in a fishing village so the whole area has a tranquil feeling to it.

kick-ups at sunset at Ipanema
Kick-ups on Ipanema at sunset

Spending all night on Copacobana on the other hand would probably not be the best idea. You must remember that even though this is an amazing city, as with all cities, crime is higher. The beach also has no street lights so it is very easy for crime to take place. This is not to scare you however, as police presence seemed high when I was there and we partied well in to the night at some beach bars. So I guess what I am saying is that it all comes down to a bit of common sense.


Another thing to watch out for on the beaches of Brazil are mosquitoes! It did not even cross my mind before I got there but in the more remote areas where there is a lot of fauna and wildlife, mosquitoes own the place! Dengue fever can be a problem in high season so just be aware and use repellent if possible. In fact, I always found that I was bitten more towards the end of the afternoon. When dusk set in and I was sitting in the hostel or bar with a bottle of Brahma, my legs and arms seemed to get torn to shreds if I did not use repellent.

All the hostels I stayed in had mosquito nets though and most had fans, which help blow the mosquitos away from your body. Top Tip: If you are concerned about this then maybe you could email the hostel beforehand asking if they have fans or air con.

Beaches in the North East

The beaches in the North-East of Brazil are claimed to be the most beautiful in the country! The locals of the area are really proud of their beaches. Unfortunately, we did not make it to the north-east of the country so I have decided to chat with Jenni. We are friends that go way back and travelled during the same time in 2009 throughout South America.

Acres of sand
This travel blog photo's source is TravelPod page: A Stunning Beach at Fortaleza

Jenni was lucky enough to spend about a month in the north-east of Brazil learning to surf. So she managed to see many beaches in the area and meet some great people along the way. Olinda, Recife, São Luis and Fortaleza are all the major areas and they all have stunning, tranquil surroundings that are relatively untouched compared to the south.

There are several national parks in the north east and span for hundreds of miles from city to city. Natal is one of the major cities and the surrounding areas have some small hideaways that you can explore, discover and spend the day in the sunshine!

Link: Find out more about Jenni's time in Brazil Beaches in the North East

Brazil Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

The amazing Brazil beaches that prop up the entire city give this place a charm and ambience that is unrivalled! We loved our time here and the beaches played a huge part. I don't think that there was a day that passed when we did not go to spend at least half hour on the beach. And we stayed for over 2 weeks! That is quite a long time to spend in a place when you are backpacking!

View of Copacobana from our Hotel
View of Copacobana from our Hotel

As I already mentioned, our hotel overlooked Copacobana! What a great place to wake up every day. It is backed up by a city so it is not an idyllic place to be. But there is so much going on...... people run by keeping fit, occasionally stopping at the free gym equipment every 200m! I guess there is a very good reason to keep fit when you are at the beach every day showing off biceps and bikinis! If you are going to Brazil then you surely must visit this beach, even if it is just to sing "Copacobana" to yourself!

Ipanema is the other major beach in Rio. This was actually the beach that we and other backpackers tended to prefer. The beach is split up in to "postas" or posts. Each post is aimed at a different type of person. So from memory there are sections for single people, couples, homosexuals etc etc. This beach gets packed full of people.... There is music playing, people playing volleyball, people spending the day in the beautiful sunshine...... Another must visit if you are going to Rio!

Brazil Beaches in the South West

Brazil beaches in the south-west are really popular and are very busy tourist destinations for other parts of the continent like Argentineans or Uruguayans. Sau Paolo, Florianopolis and Parati are just a few examples of beaches in the south west of Brazil.

Sao Paulo is one of the biggest cities in the World but as it is very close to the coast it is not far away from the some large beaches that get flooded by people and also small, secluded beaches that are a little harder to get to. You do have to jump on a bus for around an hour to get there but the difference in landscape is incredible. Santos is probably the closest and has 4 miles of beach resorts. We went to Angra do Reis which is only an hour and a half from Sao Paulo. This place is a small fishing town and has a very friendly, local feeling to it.

Ilha grande
Jonnie's great snap of Ilha Grande from high in the rainforest

Most importantly, this place is home to the port that takes you to the idyllic island of Ilha Grande. Probably one of the most beautiful places that I visited. It is a island which you get to via a small ferry or fishing boat for a couple of quid. There is a beach called Lopez Mendes which is a stunning stretch of sand which you have to walk through the jungle to get to. It is a must!

Lopez Mendes is one of the nicest beaches you will ever visit!

Florianopolis is another really popular destination because of beautiful Brazil beaches and is especially popluar in Summer. The Argentineans, Uruguayans and Brazilians flock to the region in huge amounts. It is an area that is built upon a load of close islands and the beaches vary from crowded tourist hot spots like Playa Ingles, and move to secluded paradises.