The Amazing Brazil Climate

The Brazil climate would make any one from the UK full of envy! It is stunning. And as it covers about 2/3rds of the continent you will probably guess that it varies depending on where you are. As a general rule of thumb however, you can pretty much guarantee that you will need your Bermuda shorts, flip flops and sun screen! Don't forget though, the waether in Brazil is tropical so be prepared for a mid afternoon thunderstorm to cool you down. Even the rain is refreshing here!

Weather in Rio de Janiero

The weather in Rio is sublime. Set on the golden coast it is perfect to spend your days chilling out on the beach or kicking back in a cafe with an acai drink.

In fact, relaxing on the white sand in 35°C sunshine with blue skies and acai with grenola and chocolate in hand is paradise. Then in to the city centre for a bit of hustle and bustle for lucnh. You can't go wrong.

Weather Today in Rio De Janeiro

Weather in São Paulo

The Brazil weather in São Paulo is similar to Rio. The sun shines brightly and mid-afternoon you are likely to get caught in a downpour that lasts around 30 minutes.

Weather Today in São Paulo

Weather in Brasília

As the countries capital I thought I'd pop down their forecast.

Weather Today in Brasília

Weather in Angra dos Reis

-Angra dos Reis is the fishing dock that will lead you to Ilha Grande, the popular tropical island off the south coast. It is blessed with serious tropical weather. Scorching rays mixed with daily thunderstorm shows that will blow you away. They are an amazing spectacles.
Weather Today in Angra Dos Reis

Weather in Parati

Yep, you guessed it! Another Brazil climate with the usual characteristics. Although, this town is not as built up as the others so there is more of a breeze through the streets.

Its still 30°C plus though! Cool down in the beautiful, blue ocean!

Weather Today in Parati

Weather in Foz Do Iguaçu

The Brazil climate in the heart of Iguaçu National Park is hot, humid and sticky. Sometimes the humidity and heat is unbearable!

Weather Today in Foz Do Iguaçu

Weather in Florianópolis

One of the most visited beach resorts in Brazil.... Expect only the most beautiful of climates in Brazil.

Weather Today in Florianópolis