Brazil Culture: Explore the Magic of this Amazing Country

Brazil culture....... WOW! ......... Brazil is the most exciting, exuberant and stunning country I have ever visited. If you are searching for white sandy beaches backed by tropical rainforest, while the beautiful sun beams down on you.... Or vibrant cities with distictive charm and character then Brazil is for you. Brazil really does have it all.

Brazil Travel Guide

There are so many pretty villages, towns and cities it is likely that you would need a few years at least to see the majority of them. But you are garaunteed to see some amazing things. Sugar loaf mountain, christ the redeemer, the amazon rainforest, ipanema beach ........ The list runs on.

I personally loved Rio. I think it is the most beautiful city in the World. There can't be many cities that are built in a place that has stunning weather, fronted by beautiful beaches with a vibe that put a smile on my face every day.

Christ the Redeemer Rio
Christ the Redeeder in Rio De Janeiero

Visit our Brazil Travel Tips for a quick guide. Also, leave your messages if you have any advice for fellow travellers.

A comprehensive guide to Brazil Climate at all the major backpacker tourist destinations

Carnival in Brazil

What an experience! I was in Rio de Janeiro for this in 2009. I was blown away by the whole fiesta. I really think that this carnival captures Brazil culture superbly.

1, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
This travel blog photo's source is TravelPod page: Beautiful Rio

I won't cover this in details here as we have a seperate page for Carnival in Brazil. But thought I would quickly mention it as for me it is a massive part of Brazil culture and is so amazing I wanted to make sure you had it in mind! There is also a fascinating story behind the hard work that is undertaken in the months leading up to the big event so learn about Brazil carnival costumes.

Brazil Facts

Just the Amazon rainforest alone could have me writing this section for 20 years. Not only does Brazil have some amazing culture traits but it is one of the few countries in the World that is blessed with both sublime, white beaches and also the World's largest rainforest.

So have a quick look at our Brazil Facts page, some of the stuff will amaze you.

Beach Ilha Grande
I am running on the beach in Ilha Grande

Sports in Brazil

Sports are embedded into Brazil culture and as you can probably imagine football is huge! Every TV in every cafe, bar, corner shop or hotel will have the game screening. Usually there will be blokes crammed around the TV shouting continuously for the 90 minutes. It is a really fun little experience to watch games with locals. You can really feel the importance of the game in the atmosphere.

Football Ipanema
Me playing football on Ipanema beach

Football is not the only national sport of course. Volleyball is played on the beaches and athletics is up and coming. Sports in Brazil are very important to Brazil culture so I have created a page about all I learnt about the type of things they do. With the Olympics and Football World Cup to be hosted there in the next 4 years there is a buzz surrounding sports in Brazil.

Brazil Foods

Brazil foods are just as you are expecting.... exotic, rare and unbelievably tasty!! One of my favourite memories from travelling was waking up every day in Rio to the scorching sunshine and making my way down to the local cafe down below. There I would buy an acai slush puppy with grenola sprinkled over the top. This is definately the most refreshing drink I have ever had. From here I wandered down to Copacobana 20m away where I relaxed for half an hour or so.

Having the World's largest rainforest located in the heart of the country means that there is all sorts of fruits and I recommend trying as many as possible. A dragon fruit was one wierd fruit I remember eating from a market stall. There are men that walk the beaches selling these foods and drinks so often it feels like you have your own waiter. They will happily crack open a fresh coconut for a refreshing drink, or barbecue a certain type of cheese in front of you. Both are beautiful.

Huge acai bowl, Florianopolis, Brazil
This travel blog photo's source is TravelPod page: We've got the Azorean Spirit (how about you?)

Click here for more info about Brazil Foods

Hotels and Travel Deals

As you are reading this page you are probably considering backpacking or a holiday to Brazil. For the most part we stayed in Hostels during our travels but there was the odd occasion we stayed in a hotel. One of these occasions was during Carnival. We stayed in a hotel about 20m back off Copacobana. To be honest, it turned out to be the same price as staying in a hostel at this time of year. Anyway, we picked up some tricks to get cheaper deals on the hotels. We loved waking up so close to Copacobana, taking a stroll to wake ourselves up in the morning. We also loved playing football on the beach or strolling with a beer as the sun was setting.

I think that although so early in our trip, this city was by far the most spectacular. I have created a Travel Deals to Brazil. I made this so you will be able to find out info about flights, hotels, hostels and package deals to the country.

view from hotel in parati
View from my hostel in Parati

I have also created a Brazil Hotels Guide so that hopefully you will leave tips on the best hotels for us all to visit during our trip to the country. This will definately leave us with peace of mind as we set off on the trip and we can all enjoy Brazil culture together!