Brazil Facts

OK so here is a page full of some (hopefully) interesting facts about Brazil.

1. Brazil is the only Portuguese speaking country in the Americas

Not only is Brazil the only Portuguese speaking country in the Americas, it is also the largest Portuguese speaking country in the world. In fact, Brazil is is the 5th largest country in the world in terms of land and population with approximately 192 million people calling it home.

2. Brazil is 100% energy efficient

Since 2007 Brazil has been energy incredible feat made all the more remarkable given the huge use of renewable sources and clean's use of sugarcane-based fuel replacing other forms.

3. Brazil is the world's most successful football nation

Brazil has won an incredible 5 FIFA World Cups! The first of these being won in 1958 and the most recent was in South Korea/Japan in 2002. With the next World Cup being held in Brazil in 2014 there is a very strong possibility that they will put more distance between themselves and the also-rans.

4. Brazil has the greatest biodiversity of any country in the world

In Brazil there is a huge amount of plants, freshwater fish and also has the most species of monkeys in the world. This, when coupled with the fact that 60% of the Amazon rainforest is in the country, makes for a brilliant trip for any David Attenborough wannabes.

5. Christ the Redeemer statue is one of the 7 wonders of the modern world

The incredibly impressive Christ statue looking over Rio de Janeiro is quite simply amazing! It is just shy of 100ft high and sits atop Mount Corcovado. A trip to the statue is highly recommended - but make sure you take a bottle of water because even if you take the train to the summit there is another 200 steps up to the foot of the statue.

6. Brazil has a huge Japanese population

Brazil has the largest Japanese population outside of Japan - most of the Japanese living in Brazil have based themselves in Sao Paulo making for a really interesting Japanese scene with some great restaurants and bars in the Liberdade district.

7. Brazil is very forward thinking in the battle of the sexes

Women in Brazil received the right to vote in 1931. This is earlier than women in Switzerland, France and Italy. The President is also a women and is called Dilma Rousseff. Brazil, and Latin America's largest company, PetroBras, has just announced their first ever female CEO in Maria das Gracas Foster.