Brazil Travel Safety

Brazil Travel Safety is a key issue that many people have to think about very seriously when they are planning a trip to South America. Here is a page with some of our thoughts on the major issues and hopefully we will be able to give you greater clarity as to the challenges that can be face and how best to avoid any trouble.

The first thing that I should mention about safety in Brazil is that the vast majority of travellers that go to Brazil leave the country with nothing but positive things to say with regards to their treatment by the local people and their safety. But unfortunately sometimes people do find themselves in scary situations which can be unnerving and be difficult to deal with.

The best way of avoiding any trouble is to use common sense. It sounds simple enough, but if you ask your hostel about the places to avoid they will be able to help. Travel safety relies on this common sense; do not walk around empty streets, do not walk through the tunnels in Rio (these tunnels are the main roads into the city from the suburbs and should be avoided). Basically, do not do things that you would not feel comfortable doing in the cities in the UK or the US etc. If you follow your instinct, take taxis at night, and stick with your mates you should have a great time and feel very safe, as I have done throughout my travels across South America.

If you are concerned for your own Brazil travel safety, or if a friend or family member is heading to South America and you would like more advice on the safety situation, please do contact us via the website or twitter and we will respond with more information specific to the location that you or they are going.