Brazil Visa Requirements

Here is some information for Brazil Visa Requirements for citizens from the countries that provide us with the most amount of visitors to the site, UK, the US, Australia and New Zealand. Apologies if your country is not listed but feel free to contact us if you require any more information.

It is important to bear in mind that the information provided on this page for Brazil visa requirements is always subject to change so please check on your own governments travel sites for the most up to the minute news and advice with regards to visa requirements.

United Kingdom Citizens

Luckily for citizens of the United Kingdom, when entering Brazil for travelling or vacation then there is no need to arrange a visa prior to your arrival.

United States Citizens

Citizens of the United States are required to arrange a visa prior to their arrival in Brazil. These visas can be obtained from the local Brazilian consulates spread across the US. If you arrive in Brazil without a visa then you will be sent back to the US at your own please make sure you arrange this in advance!

For the most up to date information it is worth calling the Brazilian Embassy on the following number: 001 (202) 238-2805.

Australia Citizens

Citizens of Australia will need to arrange a visa in advance but the best thing to do is to call the Brazilian embassy in Australia on 0061 (02) 6273 2372.

New Zealand Citizens

People from New Zealand do not need to arrange a visa in advance prior to their arrival in Brazil but it is well worth calling the New Zealand embassy in Brasilia before you set off on your journey 0055 (61) 3248-9900.

View of Rio from the Christ statue
View of Rio from the Christ statue