Cheap Flights to Bolivia

Cheap flights to Bolivia are found by budget travellers who book early!

La Paz is home to one of Bolivia’s international airport but it is not one of the most popular to fly to for travellers to South America. It is also not the cheapest place to fly when travelling but if that is where your itinerary starts you will usually be able to find something between £900-1000 if you book in advance.

Aerosur Airlines

The main airport in La Paz is called El Alto, and is situated approximately 4,061.5m above sea level. For this reason, many tourists tend to fly to Viru Viru airport which is located in Santa Cruz de La Sierra. This allows tourist to acclimatise better before reaching the dizzy heights of La Paz if that’s where you are going.

Getting to your Hostel from the Airport

Taxi's in Bolivia are very, very cheap! So this is probably the easiest way to sort out a transfer. If you want to get a bus there are Microbuses that run from Plaza Principal in “el centro” of Santa Cruz de La Sierra

How to book Cheap flights to Bolivia

It is important to consider your budget when booking your cheap flights to Bolvia. You can get some really good deals flying to most airports in South America, however it seems slightly more expensive to fly here. Booking early in advance will definitely reduce the cost of your tickets and is the main way of saving a lot of money on flights to South America. Book a minimum of 3 months prior to leaving to get the best prices.

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It is also advisable to book online if you are looking to save money, as you will not be paying the admin and labour charges that you will find booking through travel agents.

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