Cheap Flights to Brazil

Cheap flights to Brazil are great for budget travel. It is a really popular destination for millions of tourists each year so you must make sure you book early enough in advance.

There are several airports in Brazil, the main ones being Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport in Rio De janeiro and Guarulhos International Airport in Sao Paulo.

Gaurulhos International Airport

Sao Paulo can often be the cheapest place in South America to fly to from Europe and is situated about 15 miles from downtown Sao Paulo. With Rio Carnival starting at the end of February prices considerably so consider this when planning your trip.

TAM Airlines

Antonio Carlos Jobim International

The main airport in Rio can also be a good option for cheap flights to Brazil. It is situated 20km away from north downtown Rio and you can easily get a taxi that will take you to your destination for a reasonable price. There are also buses that run frequently that will be a much cheaper option. They run from the Airport and go to the Central Bus Station, Rio de Janeiro downtown, Santos Dumont Airport, and the southern parts of the city along the beach. You can buy bus tickets at arrivals after you collect your lugguage.

Getting to your Hostel from the Airport

A lot of taxi's cue up outside the main entrance and they will be more than happy to take you to your hostel. Again prices are reasonable and it is a straight forward way to get anywhere you need to go.

How to book a cheap flight to Brazil

It is important to consider your budget when booking your flight cheap flights to Brazil. You can get some really good deals flying to Sao Paulo if you book early enough in advance. This is the main way of saving a lot of money on flights in South America. I suggest that you book as far in advance as you can but with a minimum of 3 months prior to leaving to get the best prices.

It is advisable to book online if you are looking to save money, as you will not be paying the admin and labour charges that you will find booking through travel agents.

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