Your Guide to Cheap Flights to Peru

You can find some really cheap flights to Peru from both UK and the US if you book early enough! In fact, Peru is one fo the cheapest places in South America to fly into.

Lima is home Peru's main international airport and is a popular place to fly to or home from for many travellers.

Jorge Chavez International Airport
The main airport in Peru is Jorge Chavez International Airport and is situated 11km from Lima city centre. The airport has been modernised and renovated in recent years and in April 2010 it was voted the best airport in South America. It has also won an award for the best airport lounge in the world, so you can be rest assured of quality at this airport.

Getting to your Hostel from the Airport

Taxis in Peru are great value for money! So this is probably the easiest way to sort out a transfer. You can go to information at the arrivals desk and they can guide you towards ones that they are associated with. It is important to use trusted taxis for your own safety.

If you want to get to the city centre via bus then you can also take the Super Shuttle Service. that runs from Lima city centre along the main avenues in the city, which are Abancay, Tacna and Wilson avenues.

How to book Cheap flights to Peru

You can get some really good deals flying to most airports in South Americ and Peru certainly is one of the cheapest and most modern airports to consider. Booking early in advance will definitely reduce the cost of your tickets and is the main way of saving a lot of money on flights to South America. Book a minimum of 3 months prior to leaving to get the best prices.

It is advisable to book online if you are looking to save money, as you will not be paying the admin and labour charges that you will find booking through travel agents.

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