Chile Beaches

Chile beaches are mainly found within the northern and central region of the country. Any further south of Santiago and it begins to get a bit cold! But you will find some spectacular beaches whose golden sands stretch for kilometres. You will find some great places to get out the sun screen and a book and spend the day totally relaxing in the sunshine.

Iquique Beach, Chile
Iquique Beach, Chile

For all you surf worshippers, it is probably worth mentioning that Chile has some of the best spots in the whole of South America, especially towards the north.

Central Chile Beaches

The climate of this region is like a Mediterranean climate, so ideal conditions for kicking back and relaxing with a Pina Colada! If you are planning your trip to Chile, you will have no doubt come across Vina del Mar by now. This must be the most popular region to visit the long coastal stretches and during summer months, the beaches can be jam-packed with sun lovers. This is also the place to be if you are looking for a party when the sun goes down. Some great restaurants and bars stay open all night and the Chileans sure know how to put on a good party!

There are other great beach destinations to visit though. Valparaiso is a very famous destination and can also get really busy in peak season. Other great beaches to visit are Concon, Algarrobo, Zapallar, Cachagua and Pichidangui. Check out this great bit of info from The Latin America Collection.

Chile Beaches in the Northern Region

As you can imagine, getting further towards the Atacama Desert will bring you to really hot climates and the sun can shine on the beaches for many hours throughout the days. La Serena has become more popular over recent years as it is a beautiful spot to relax and is not too far away from the densely populated central region.

Iquique has a great beach and is really famous for surfing due to its gradual slope into the water. I spent about 10 days relaxing in Iquique and had a great time. The sun shone strongly during the day, the water was warm (although I was told this differs throughout the year) so great for taking a dip. When the sun went down there are a few restaurants in the main street where you can grab a beer. Alternatively, in the other direction you can take a trip to the casino, which is a large building off the sea front.

Other beaches in the north that you may want to take a look at are La Virgen, Anakena, Ovahe and Bahia Ingles.

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