Chile Weather Conditions

The huge variation in Chile weather conditions comes as no shock seeing as the country spans 2, 700 miles from the arid tropics down as far south as Tierra del Fuego in the glacial region. This leads to a wide range of weather conditions so Chile is famous for amazing surf conditions in the northern beaches of Iquique, while down south the amazingly cold glacial region brings in the skiers!


The weather in Santiago is very nice, especially in comparison the wet, rainy days here in London. There are hot and dry summers, which starts in November and runs through until march. Temperatures can get quite hot and usually reach around 35 degrees. Winter can get cold, remember that Santiago is located in the middle of a valley in the Andes. Temperatures can come down to around freezing.

Santiago during autumn - 2009
Santiago during Autumn in 2009

The South and Lake District

The weather in this area is temperate, where there can be heavy rain accompanied by low temperatures. Fog and mist are also very common. Temperatures can reach up to 17 degrees in summer and winter temperatures can fall to around 5 degrees.

Argentina Lake District
Lake District in the South

The Andes

The weather in the Andes consistently changes due to its extreme terrain so it has a lot of small micro-climates. Due to the climates that are found close to each zone, so some parts are hot and dry, others hot and wet. This has led them to labelled the "Dry Andes" and the "Wet Andes", with regards to both regions.

High up in the Andes - 2009
High up in the Andes

The Atacama Desert

The Atacama Desert is the driest place on Earth!! This is basically as the Andean mountain range blocks off the region so no moist air can get in. So as you can probably guess, the area barely receives any rain..... ever! When I travelled the region I used a headscarf. I couldn't believe just how hot the region was and enjoyed every ounce of shade I could find!

Atacama Desert - 2009
The sun is shining in the Atacama Desert