Climate in Ecuador

Ecuador straddles the equator and as a result the climate in Ecuador does not vary too much with the seasons. There is, however, a great deal of variety in the climates across the country which is dependent upon the altitude and the proximity to the coast or jungles.

With this in mind, packing your suitcase whilst taking into account the climate in Ecuador can be a tricky business. The nights in Quito in particular can be extremely cold. The humidity in the jungles, when coupled with the rain, can be equally interesting and then of course there is the beautiful coastline for which packing is a bit easier...just bring your t-shirts and swim shorts or bikinis!

Here is some more detailed information on the climate in Ecuador.

Quito and the Andes

The climate in Ecuador around the capital, Quito, can vary quite dramatically. Because Quito is situated in a basin at the foothills of the Andes it will always get quite chilly during the evenings so bringing warm weather clothing is essential. There is not much seasonal variety so almost throughout the year, when the sun is shining; it is very warm during the day time so it is worth bringing some t-shirts and sun screen as well.

Quito ranges from 5 degrees centigrade at night to around 25 in the day. The period with most rainfall goes from late February to May.

Quito in the valleys of the Andes
Quito in the valleys of the Andes

Ecuadorian Coast

The climate in Ecuador coastline is absolutely beautiful, with stunning sunsets and warm weather throughout the days and nights. When travelling around Montanita and the coast you only need to bring your shorts and light clothing. The temperature rarely drops below 20 C and can hit the heights of up to 35 C. Average day time conditions would be about 30 C with a nice breeze which can help keep you cool and allow you to enjoy the surfing as well.

View of an Ecuadorian beach from our hostel
View of an Ecuadorian beach from our hostel

The climate in Ecuador coastlines seems to be a bit more forgiving than Colombia and the mosquitoes certainly seemed to be a bit less savage which made things a bit comfortable. We all slept in a dorm which had no walls, just a roof. This left us open to the elements and we slept comfortable each night.

Ecuadorian Jungles

The jungle region in Ecuador is really fun, and the climate in Ecuador, in these parts, is certainly interesting. As in Colombia, there is a greater range in temperatures and the humidity and greater rainfall makes packing for trips to these regions difficult. It can get cold in the evenings with temperatures dropping and feeling cooler due to the wet weather and the day time it can be sweltering.

We would definitely recommend packing some wet-weather clothing and also some jumpers etc to keep you warm during the evenings.

Ecuadorian Jungle
Ecuadorian Jungle

We hope that this was helpful!