Backpack Colombia South America!

Colombia South America........ These words really do get the travel buds tingling. Colombia must be one of the most controversial destinations on the continent purely because of the history and reputation it has. But it needn't be!

Colombia picture in museum I was not lucky enough to travel as far north as Colombia (that will be for next year's trip!) so I have sat down with my travel buddy Jonnie, who some of you will know from other pages on this site.

Jonnie is a seasoned traveller and spent over a month in Colombia. He describes it as the most incredible country on the continent! So I have quizzed him on a few things that I thought you would like to know.

The Best Places to Visit

You are spoilt for choice!!!!

The cities, towns and villages range from supersize Bogata to tiny Santa Marta, all offering something completely different yet really exciting.


Bogata is the capital city of Colombia South America and as you would expect has a hustle and bustle atmosphere. It has a population of around 7.5 million and a culture that is a lot more relaxed than cities like London. There are markets everywhere where you can pick up little souvenirs and like the rest of Colombia all the restaurants seem to fry their food!


Cartagena is cute little town, which is surrounded by medieval walls built by the. It is a very charming city, a fact which is also shared by UNESCO who have named it a World heritage site!

There is a fantastic culture in this town and everyone seems to be super chilled out. The people are friendly and love the fact that tourists want to visit their precious town. I guess it is because they want to show it off!!

Tourist Attractions in Colombia

Of course Colombia South America comes with a vast array of tourist attractions. It has golden coasts, backed up by the Amazon rainforest and colourful, lush fauna making it a paradise for backpackers and travellers.

The Lost City or La Ciudad Perdida

The Lost City, or in Spanish - La Ciudad Perdida, is probably the most famous trek in Colombia South America. But it is pretty undiscovered by a lot of travellers. If you are planning a trek in South America you are probably talking more about the Inca Trail than any other. But this is the most spectacular of the lot!

The Lost City, Colombia
The Lost City, Colombia

Santa Marta is the hub for all treks to the Lost City. All the hostels in town will be able to set you up with a tour guide who will be with you from start to finish of the tour.

It is a 5 day trek that will take you up mountains, through rivers, and into the jungle before reaching the amazing site that was only found in 1972!

The weather is hot, tropical storms stop you in your tracks and you are completely submerged by wildlife. This trek is one for only the most intrepid of travellers.

Click here for more information about the The Lost City

Tayrona National Park

Beach at Tayona National Park
Beach at Tayona National Park

Tayrona National Park is a natural paradise. The park contains lush green landscapes, exotic fauna and jungle animals that make it feel magical. Inside the park are stunning golden beaches. The only way of reaching these beaches is by trekking through the jungle on dirt tracks so you can imagine the tranquillity and bliss of these beaches.

The Best Colombia Hostels

Like all true travellers, we want to know where the best hostels are. So with your help I want to put together a list of the best hostels that you have stayed at during your trip in Colombia!

Jonnie has started us off with his account of La Brisa Hostel in Santa Marta. He hasn't stopped talking about this hostel since his stay! In fact, he even brought it up with me last week! With a party atmosphere, a roof top terrace overlooking the town and a pool onsite - you can't really ask for any more!