Countries in South America

There are 12 countries in South America, all with their unique character and culture. I thought it would be useful to put together some info for all the different places just for you to have an idea of the background of each country.


CurrencyArgentinean Peso $
President Cristina Fernãndez de Kirchner (2007)
Population 40,518,951
Capital Buenos Aires
Land Area 2,766,890 sq km
FlagArgentina Flag

Argentina is one of the biggest countries in South America, second in fact! It is only smaller than Brazil on the continent. As you will see from the map of South America, Argentina spans a huge distance from north to south. The most southern point El Calafate is based in the glacial south and its most northern region spans into the Atacama desert. So diversity is rich in this beautiful land.

Argentina is bordered by 5 countries: Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. The country is famous for sublime steak, gaucho, football and tango!


President Dilma Rousseff (2011)
Population 193,364,000 (2010)
Capital Brasilia
Land Area 8,511,965 sq km
Brazil Flag/

Brazil is by far the biggest country in South America and covers nearly half the contient. Obviously, this is largely due to the fact that the Amazon rainforest is largely owned by Brazil. The population is also the largest on the continent and the economy is very good at the moment.

Brazil is obviously famous for football, its beaches, Carnival in Brazil and it's beautiful women. Due to the abundance of assets the country possesses, it has also won the rights to hold the Olympics in 2016 and the Football World Cup in 2014.

Brazil is bordered by every country on the continent except for Ecuador and Chile.


Currency Boliviano
President Evo Morales (2006)
Population 10,031,000 (2010)
Capital La Paz
Land Area 1,098,580 sq km
FlagBolivia Flag

Bolivia is the only country on the continent that does not have a coastal area. It is home to the highest capital in the World - La Paz. The country is diverse in landscape, with the south being arid, nesting in the Atacama desert. While the north is based in the jungle. The Andes are also very prominent from north to south and puts a lot of the country at high altitude.

Lake Titicaca, shared with with Peru, is the highest, navigable lake in the World. Lake Titicaca is found at an altitude of 3812m. Very high!

Bolivia is bordered by: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Peru and Paraguay.


Currency Nuevo Sol
President Ollanta Humala (July 2011)
Prime Minister Rosario Fernãndez (2011)
Population 29,461,933 (2010)
Capital Lima
Land Area 1,285,220 sq km
FlagPeru Flag

Peru is on of the countries in South America that is found on the western coast and is often affected by El Niño. The western coast is home to the Pacific and the coastline spans for around 2414km. The country is diverse in landscapes. The north-west plunges deep into the Amazon rainforest, while Machu Picchu and the Andes can be found throughout central-eastern Peru. Lima is on low-lying ground on the West of Peru.

Peru is bordered by 5 countries: Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil and Bolivia. Peru, in western South America, extends for nearly 1,500 mi (2,414 km) along the Pacific Ocean. Colombia and Ecuador are to the north, Brazil and Bolivia to the east, and Chile to the south. Five-sixths the size of Alaska, Peru is divided by the Andes Mountains into three sharply differentiated zones. To the west is the coastline, much of it arid, extending 50 to 100 mi (80 to 160 km) inland. The mountain area, with peaks over 20,000 ft (6,096 m), lofty plateaus, and deep valleys, lies centrally. Beyond the mountains to the east is the heavily forested slope leading to the Amazonian plains.


Currency Chilean Peso
President Sebastián Piñera (since 2010)
Population 17,114,000 (2010)
Capital Santiago de Chile
Land Area 756,950 sq km
FlagChile Flag

Chile is the longest of all countries in South America. You probably already know it is the long skinny country on the western side of the continent. In fact, it stretches 4506 km from the glacial south, right up through the Andes and into the Atacama Desert. The Atacama desert in Chile is famous for being the driest place on Earth. Chile is bordered almost in its entirety by Argentina, but then passes it and borders Bolivia and Peru too.


Currency Colombian Peso
President Juan Manuel Santos (2010)
Population 45,569,000 (2010)
Capital Bogota
Land Area 1,138,910 sq km
FlagColombia Flag

Colombia is one of the countries in South America that you may be sceptical about vitising, but it may not be the war torn country that you are picturing it to be. It might actually be the most beautiful country on this continent. Colombia is one of the countries in South America that contains a lot of the Amazon rainforest. It is low-lying jungle and is home to parts of the Orinoco and Amazon Rivers.

Colombia is bordered by 4 countries. The border with Paname provides the link between South America and Central America. There are also other borders with Peru, Ecuador, Venezuela and Brazil.


CurrencyUS Dollar $
President Rafael Correa (2007)
Population 14,228,000 (2010)
Capital Quito
Land Area 283,560 sq km
FlagEcuador Flag

Ecuador is also on of the countries is South America that is located on the west of the continent. Famous for the white beaches on the flat lying land propping up the Pacific and also the Amazon rainforest in the east.

Ecuador is bordered by both Colombia and Peru.


Currency Bolivar
President Hugo Chavez (1999)
Population 28,888,000 (2010)
Capital Caracas
Land Area 912,050 sq km
FlagVenezuela Flag

Venezuela is home to the tallest waterfalls in the World - Angel Falls. It is also the most northern of the countries in South America. The country is split into 4 regions thanks to the mountainous terrain that it has. These regions are:

  1. Maracaibo lowlands
  2. Tthe mountainous region in the north and northwest
  3. The Orinoco basin
  4. Guiana Highlands

Venezuela is bordered by Colombia to the west and Guyana and Brazil to the east.