Explore the Magical Culture of Peru

The culture of Peru may just be the most poignant of all. The colourful dresses, amazing landmarks and enchanting music are enough to get anyone's travel buds tingling.

Peruvian Women Singing on the Floating Islands
Peruvian Woman Singing to us on the Floating Islands

Music in Peru

Music in Peru creates a great atmosphere as you walk through the streets of the towns and cities and adds a great deal to the culture of Peru. The wind pipes must be the most famous instrument with the sounds and tunes being very authentic and usually joyful. The melodies are also very relaxing. You will find yourself drifting away with the music and it is a great experience, especially while overlooking the great scenery surrounding you.

One of my favourite groups from Peru are Grupo 5. These were a band that was introduced to me by friends and family from Peru and I love their enthusiasm when they sing! My favourite of their song is called “Te Vas”. Check it out on Youtube!

Amazing Dancing in Peru

As with most South America countries, the Peruvians love to dance! The two most prominent dances in Peru are from an Andean origin. The Wayno and the Kashua.

The Wayno is a very sensual dance and is usually danced with your wife or girlfriend. It descends from traditional rural folk music and the dance includes a lot of stamping of feet! It is a great dance to watch and is embedded in culture of Peru.

The Kashua is a group dance and originates again from a traditional rural origin. It is a very energetic dance and is often danced at parties and special events.

Peruvian Festivals

Festival in Cusco, 2009
Festival in Cusco, 2009

Religion is a massive part of life for most Peruvians and the country is mainly Christian. This leads to a lot of festivals and fiestas!

The Inti Raymi is one of the biggest celebration, which is a festival that celebrates the sun. The Sun was an important God in Inca culture and you can see the importance of this belief in all aspects of Peruvian life. Drawings of the sun can be found on walls of cities, in artefacts, arts and crafts stalls, jewellery etc. As an Incan tradition the main ceremony takes place at the ruins of Sacsahuaman, which is close to Cusco. Another festival embedded into the culture of Peru is the celebration of Corpus Christi. Fifteen saints and virgins make their way to the Cathedral in Cusco to greet the body of Christ. It is a national celebration but the main celebration takes place in Cusco. Throughout the day church bells chime and the largest bell, the Maria Angola, is prominent. Seven days later the saints partake in the same ritual again and following this will make their way back to their own churches.

Here is a list of some of the main Festivals celebrated in Peru throughout the year.
  • The Virgin of Carmen or Mamacha Carmen
  • The Virgin of Candelaria or Mamacha Candelaria
  • All Saints Day
  • The Lord of the Earthquakes
  • Carnaval
  • The Lord of the Miracles
  • Christmas