Amazing Facts About Chile

Here are some fun facts about Chile. Hopefully they will inspire some of your Chile travel ideas.

The Length of the Chile

Chile spans approximately 2, 700 miles from top to bottom. This begins in the arid north at a city called Arica, which is the border town with Peru. The coastline passes through a lot of different terrain as we travel south through sandy beaches, mountains, valleys and at the most southern point even glaciers! So this country is very long..... Interestingly though, its widest point is only 110 miles wide!


Chile has a population of 17,113,688 (2010) Source: World Bank, World Development Indicators


The Chilean Peso is the national currency of Chile and has been in circulation since 1975. The currency works in high numerations and $1 US was worth $517 pesos in December 2011.

Capital City

One of the more obvious facts about Chile.... Santiago de Chile is the country's capital and according to the World Bank, World Development Indicators, had a population of


Miguel Juan Sebastian Pinera Echenique is the current President of Chile. He was born on the 1st of December in 1949. He was previously a very savvy businessman and owned a TV channel on Chile's terrestrial TV and also over a quarter of LAN Airlines.

National Anthem

Chile's national anthem was composed by Ramon Carnicer and lyrics created by Eusebio Lillo. The Chileans call is Cancion Nacional (National Song).

National Sport of Chile

One of the more obscure facts about Chile! The national sport of Chile is the Chilean Rodeo and is mainly practiced in rural areas. It was actually declared as the national sport in 1962 and has become very popular, growing from strength-to-strength.

This being said, football is the most popular sport and is played throughout the country. In fact, the hosted the World Cup in 1962 ahavend came third. Their other big achievement in football came in 2000, achieving bronze medal at the Olympics.

Tennis is arguably the most successful sport as Marcelos Rios defeated Andre agassi in 1998 to become the number one seed.

The Chile Mining Accident

One of the amazing facts about Chile that caught the attention of the World. The Chile mining accident happened on Thursday, 5th August 2010. This was a terrible accident that gripped a global audience hoping that the 33 men trapped survived. It occurred in Copiapo, which is a copper and gold mine based in San Jose. The men were trapped well below ground and remained there for 69 days.

The Chilean Government put in place a very successful rescue mission and were helped by NASA and a few other large organisations. The 33 men were rescued and almost all of them were in good physical condition.

Indigenous Population

The Indigenous population accounts for about 4% of the total population according to the 2002 national census. This equates to roughly 800,000 people!