Some Interesting Facts About Peru

Are you looking for some facts about Peru? This country is fascinating. It is a place full of history, culture and traditions, and with that leads it to have some really fun facts. Just knowing that Peru was the centre of the Incan Empire and contains part of the World's largest rainforest and river will be enough to tell you that this country is simply unique!

Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu

So, here are some interesting facts about Peru. Did you know that the ancient Indians of Peru spoke Quechua, not Spanish? Did you know that in Quechua the word “Peru” means the land of abundance?


Here are some facts that might be useful before setting off on your travels.

  1. Peru is one of the largest countries in the World and has about 30 million people living there. It is located on the east of South America and is blessed with beautiful beaches, one of the highest mountain ranges in the World and the Amazon rainforest..... Pretty incredible hey?
  3. Quechua is an official language of Peru and although Spanish is now the most prominent language spoken, you will still here Quechua throughout large parts of this amazing country. In fact, the Inca's communicated in Quechua and if you are planning on trekking the Inca Trail, you will certainly come across it.
  5. Machu Picchu is loosely translated to "Old Peak". It is found not too far away from Cusco and that is the hub that most treks begin from. It is actually found in the Urubamba Valley. The Inca's developed this site at around about the time of the 1400's.
  7. The population in Peru is about 30 million. This includes indigenous people, European's, Africans and Asians. So as you can see, it is a multicultural country.
  9. The main religion in Peru is mainly Catholic, derived from the Spanish Conquest. They are a very religious country and you will see many traditions glittering the culture and daily life. Catholicism is not the only religion though. The native religion - The Cult of the Sun, The Pachamama.
  11. Peru is bordered by Colombia and Ecuador to the north, Chile to the south and Brazil and Bolivia to the east.
  13. The Amazon River begins in Peru. The Ucayali-Apurimac river system is the main source of the Amazon.