National Symbols of Brazil

There are a few national symbols of Brazil that mean a lot to the people.

Brazil's National Flag

The flag must be the most famous symbol and is probably one of the most famous national flags in the World. Probably because they are one of the most famous and succesful football teams ever.... And also because each part of the flag has a meaning specific to Brazil.

Flag of Brazil
National Flag of Brazil

  • The green represents the lush vegetation and fauna that the country is blessed with.
  • The yellow represents the wealth of gold.
  • The blue circle represents the dark tropical sky at night.
  • And the 27 stars represent the captial city and the federal states.
  • Across the centre if the circle is the phrase 'ordem e progresso' (order and progress), which is the country's motto.

Brazil's National Bird

The Sabiá-laranjeira is one of the symbols of Brazil, which came because of its huge popularity and presence in Brazilian culture. It is renowned for being beautiful in appearance and song.

The petite Sabia-laranjeira

It can be spotted all over the country and this was recognised only a few years ago in 2002, which was when it was declared as one of the national symbols of Brazil in a presidential decree. Like many birds, it migrates north to the warm tropical zone in the winter and returns to the temperate zone when the climate in southern Brazil starts to get warm again. It lives either on its own or in pairs, in forests, parks, backyards and forested urban areas and can live 25 to 30 years.

Brazil's National Flower

The Ipé-amarelo - (Tecoma chrysostricha) is a national symbol of Brazil. The standard name comes from the word used for the trees by the indigenous peoples of Brazil.

The Ipé-amarelo from Brazil

It belongs to the tropical family of bignonias, which includes almost four hundred Brazilian species. The genus Tecoma contains many species, well known and easily distinguishable by the Brazilian people.