Peru Vacations: Explore the Home of the Inca's

Inca MaskPeru vacations - for the ultimate adventure tour this must be one of the most attractive countries to visit in the entire World. This place is magical and it absolutely blew me away while I was travelling around South America. I have never been so intrigued by a place. The fashion, the music, the all round culture. Also the places are so interesting, Machu Picchu, the Nazca Lines, Lake Titicaca, the Amazon Rainforest....... There really is so much to do here I imagine you could spend your whole life touring and never get to see everything.

I found Peru to be a really friendly place that has its traditions and morals at the centre of everyday life. The food is really unique and the recipes have descended down generations from the Incan civilisations. It also gave me a great feeling when I breathed the air high up in the mountains. It certainly feels a lot purer than the smog of London! It is beautiful. The scenery is breathtaking and the sense of relaxation I had while in this country was great. I really would recommend Peru vacations to everyone!

Adventure Tours Peru & Nazca Lines Peru

There are so many types of adventure tours in Peru that you will not know what to do first! You could try:
  • Inca Trail treck to Machu Picchu
  • 4x4 Trucks Tours
  • Scale the World's highest navigable lake
  • Climbing Tours
  • Horseriding Tours
  • Jungle Trecking Tours
  • Cycling Tours
Trekking the Inca Trail
Mills, Jonnie and Rich trekking the Inca Trail

I loved this country because every day I was able to do something exiting and apart from the Inca Trail, the other adventure tours are pretty cheap to do. The trip to Lake Titcaca from Puno was great fun. Sailing on a little boat made from straw was something that I will probably never do again, nor will I visit floating islands. My time here was just filled with unique moments that you to will embark upon as soon as you reach Peru.

Visting the Nazca Lines is one of the amazing adventure tours that you can do, which is over towards the west coast not far away from Lima. These are basically large drawings in the ground that can be seen from above and people tend either to take a taxi to viewing points, or to fly by helicopter (which is obviously much more expensive but then also much more spectacular).

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Peru Inca Trail Tour

If you are going to have one of the best Peru vacations, then the Inca Trail is probably high on your list. The Peru Inca trail tour is one of the most sought after treks in the whole world so if you want to do this you must book in advance. You can hike for either 3 or 4 days and the natural landscape is incredible. You will pass waterfalls, lake, lagoons, all sorts of wildlife and fauna and you will also have spectacular views overlooking all of the "Sacred Valley". If you haven't booked in advance don't worry. You will still have the option to trek an Inca Trail. The Inca's made many pathways for miles and miles throughout the mountains, but the classic trail goes through the national park and this is what you are paying for (Entrance to the National Park).

Trekking the Inca Trail
Me, Jonnie and Rich at the Beginning of the Inca Trail

The Inca Jungle Trek is another fantastic option where you will see all the above so don't worry too much. This tour is challenging, interesting and beautiful and can be accessed very easily by walking down one of the main street in Cusco centre and speaking with the tour operators. This is a 4 day trek, with the final day concluding at Machu Picchu.

Culture and Facts of Peru

Before talking about Peru vacations is probably a good idea to mention the culture of Peru. It is incredibly diverse and from my experience the most diverse that I saw while in South America. It is also great to see that the traditions and values of the ancient civilisations like the Inca's still exist, even after the invasion by the Spanish conquistadors. This can be seen by the clothes warn, the music sang and the food eaten.

The music is exactly like you are expecting it to be. It's ancient roots have been preserved and you will hear sounds coming from pan flutes, horns, shells and it is amazingly relaxing.

Peruvian Woman
A Traditional Peruvian Woman

Some Interesting Facts about Peru

  • About 45% of the Peruvian population are indigenous
  • about 37% is Mestizo, which is a combination of both indigenous and of Latin descent
  • The language of the Inca's is still widely spoken in Peru. It is called Quechua

Peru Music

I loved the music on my Peru vacations so I decided to write a whole page just about it. After a bit of research I have found that the origins of the sounds and styles come from the Inca's and this could be as early as 10,000 years ago! They used anything that was suitable to make the instruments like bones, shells or metals.

Peruvian Women Singing on the Floating Islands
Peruvian Woman Singing to us on the Floating Islands

The best way to actually get a feel for Peruvian music is to go to a show during your Peru vacations. Having a good time seems to be engrained into the culture of this country so go along and have a great time. Entertainment in Peru is always a high priority. Transitional and modern performances in Peru are considered by many to be superior to any recordings. The best way to experience this music of Peru is to experience it firsthand, when the musician performs the music.

Food of Peru

The food of Peru is very tasty and very interesting. I am lucky because I love Peruvian food and Vanessa's grandmother is Peruvian. So I get to taste loads of different homemade styles. It is definitely one of the things I look forward to most when we are over in South America.

Peruvian food is also beginning to make headway into the day-to-day life of the western World. In both the US and the UK Peruvian food stalls and restaurants are pooping up everywhere and it is tipped to be the next foreign food to "make it" in our society. So try it for yourself on your Peru vacations.

Seafood in Lima
Seafood in Lima

Find out more about the food of Peru

Peru Travel Tips

So after discussing all the things to do, the culture a few interesting facts etc etc. I think it is a good idea to throw in a few travel tips that will help your Peru vacations. The immediate thing that pops into my mind is to mention that many parts of Peru is at high altitude. Do not think that it is easy to adapt to this altitude! It can be hard and affects people differently. I struggled with the altitude when I first got to Bolivia, but after a week to 10 days I got acclimatised. During my trip I heard that groups of lads are the worst culprits because of the "I can do it" attitude. I think I might have to slot me in that category.......... so make sure you give yourself time to get used to the altitude.

Me, Jonnie, Rich and Mills at Macchu Pichu
Me, Jonnie, Rich and Mills at Macchu Pichu

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