South America Map

Whether you are plotting your route on the South America map, or whether you just want to get an idea of where things are, this map will to help you.

The South America Map is an interactive map that you can manipulate to get the exact type you are looking for. You are able to:

  • Zoom into specific countries, cities and towns

  • Change the map type to hybrid

  • Change the map type to satellite

How to use the map
  • Zoom

  • To zoom into a specific area on the map simply double click over the area. Another way that you may find easier to zoom is to use the zoom scale on the left hand side.

  • Normal Map

  • This map gives you a clear outline of each country within South America, along with place names, roads and rivers.
  • Satellite Map

  • The Satellite map gives us a view of the continent as seen from cameras that are orbiting the Earth. This will enable you to see relief (land) type such as mountains, rivers, lakes and many other land forms. This is good to get a grasp of the location of different land forms on the continent.
  • Hybrid Map

  • The hybrid map gives you a satellite image of the South America but includes borders and place names aswell.