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Hello all!

My name is Tom and I am a 25 year old travel enthusiast living in London. In 2005 I began a degree in Geography, as I have a huge passion learning about the World in which we live.

So I suppose exploring the World was always on the cards and in 2009 I began travelling South America for a planned duration of 7 months. This trip was by far the best experience of my life and I will forever look with nothing but fond memories of the places I went and friends I made.

Just landed in Sao Paulo
Tom visiting the Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire experience and got stuck in to the different cultures and ways of life in each country. I found that each place has its own little comforts that are embedded into their culture. I particularly liked eating Acai with grenola on the beaches of Rio during the hottest part of the day. Brazil might just be one of the most beautiful countries in the World. There can't be many more that can compete with white sandy beaches, backed by tropical rainforests and a climate to die for!

Peru was probably the country that intrigued me the most. The flamboyant culture, the interesting history and the incredible landmarks make this country an absolute must and is probably the most visited country in South America - with good reason!

"Trekking the Inca Jungle Trail was tough. But the experience and feeling of arriving at Machu Picchu was incredible and really worth the four day trek through the Rainforest. Enjoy!" by Tom

However, the one country that really gcaught my attention was Argentina. I am lucky to say that I had the chance to comprehensively travel the South of Argentina, live in central Argentina and get to know some parts of the north. What a place!

Me and Jonnie with the Argentina flag at The Morada Hostel Cordoba
Me and Jonnie with the Argentina flag at The Morada Hostel Cordoba

My time in Cordoba (central Argentina) proved to be very important as this is where I met Vanessa, my better half, and we have been together ever since. So my affiliation with the continent grew even bigger. Once my first 7 month stint in South America came to an end I returned to the UK. Within five months I had returned and in January 2010, I went back to Cordoba to study Spanish for 6 months.

me and vanessa in the Morada Hostel
Me and Vanessa in the Morada Hostel

This was a great experience. I really got to know how the Argentinean's live and made loads of friends.

During this spell in South America I also decided to meet up with a mate from the UK. We travelled around Southern Argentina for a few months, starting in Buenos Aires and ending in Bariloche, stopping off in around 20 different villages and towns on the way. This region must be one of the most beautiful places in the World.

Me an vanessa have been back and forth Argentina and the UK ever since and we love mixing up the both cultures and ways of life. So my huge passion for Travel South America has inspired me to write about it online. I have included my fondest memories and best travel tips.

We hope you like our site and that it is useful for your trip.

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