Tourist Attractions in Argentina

There are loads and loads of tourist attractions in Argentina that you are going to want to see on your backpacking trip to South America. I couldn't get around them all really because the country is so big that I didn't have time to. But give me a few years and I will have ticked off all the places I want to go!

So what I have done here is really created my wish list of places to go. Some of them I have managed to visit and some are plans awaiting fruition.

El Perrito Moreno Glacier

I didn't manage to get far enough south to visit this spectacular glacier, but had the chance to speak with travellers who were lucky enough to get down there. Everyone recommended this to be one of the best tourist attractions in Argentina. I sure be visiting as soon as possible!

Close up of the south face
This travel blog photo's source is TravelPod page: National Park Los Glaciares, Perito Moreno Glacier

La Bombonera

One of the most talked about football stadia on the planet! La Bombonera is home to Boca Juniors FC, one of the most fiercely supported football teams in the World. This crazy support makes the atmosphere within the stadium unrivalled and it is an experience that I will never forget.

Salsa Dancers
La Bombonera - The Home of La Boca

The fans jump for what feels like the entire 90 minutes. Songs spread through the tiers that are filled with passion and emotion. The stadium is terraced and there are only a few seated areas. Men selling coca cola and snacks squeeze through the crowds while others climb the fences in moments of glory and strife. The banners and streamers swirl through the crowds and the atmosphere in the ground is like something I have never felt before. For all you football fans - Enjoy!

Iguazu Falls

The incredible Iguazu Falls is probably one of the most famous tourist attractions in Argentina. These waterfalls are an area of absolute natural beauty and it is incredible to see nature so powerful. These waterfalls are some of the largest in the World and are situated on the border of Argentina, Paraguay and Brazil.

Iguazu Falls
Iguazu Falls

The Argentinean side of the falls tends to be the backpackers favourite. This is because it is this side that you can really get up close and personal with it. You are able to walk behind some smaller cascades and take a boat ride right underneath some of the most powerful ones.

The wildlife is also worth giving a mention. Alligators, monkeys and funny looking long nosed rodents roam the area. Some of them will steal your food so beware!

The Vineyards of Mendoza

The Vineyards of Mendoza are very popular during summer months. Mendoza and Argentina are the 4th largest producer of wine in the World and it is great to get an idea of where all this wine comes from. I was intrigued to visit both a large commercial outfit and mirror it to a small, family owned establishment.

Tom and wine bottle at a vinyard in Mendoza
Tom and wine bottle at a vinyard in Mendoza

The contrasts between them both were fascinating. The methods and practices of both are a world apart but the outcome and service both equally as good. I would fully recommend this tour to any wine lover or simply just anyone interested in the region. I don't like wine at all but the whole day trip was very interesting.

Che Guevara's House

Probably one of the less famous tourist attractions in Argentina, but I really enjoyed visiting this place. Before I set off on my backpacking trip around South America I had watched "Motorcycle Diaries" around 5 times. So getting the opportunity to see where the famous Ernesto "Che" Guevara grew up was a tick in the box for me.

Che Guevarra's House in Alta Gracia
Che Guevarra's House in Alta Gracia

It is only a short tour around the house he lived in while growing up. You will immediately see from the neighbourhood that he was from a privileged background and his house is a decent size. The video (in English) runs through a quick narrative of his life and you will get a good idea of how things were for a young Che Guevara.

Evita's Tomb

Evita's tomb is not going to be on everybody's list of top tourist attractions in Argentina, but it was somewhere that I really wanted to visit before I set off on my trails. She was such an inspirational woman throughout her generation and means a lot to the Argentinean people. Her tomb is visited by hundreds of tourists each day and is placed in a spectacular cemetery in the centre of Buenos Aires.

Evita's Grave
Evita's grave in Recoleta

It's a little strange to recommend visiting a cemetery but the architecture and stature of many of the tombs are astonishing.