Travel to Bolivia and explore this Beautiful Country

Travel to Bolivia and see all this truly amazing country has to offer. It is true that Bolivia is the poorest country on the continent, but it sure does have some gems that are worth visiting. In fact, I would say Southern Bolivia is the most beautiful place I have seen in my entire life. The tour of the Salt flats that begin in the Atacama desert, pass through the peaks of the Andes and down into the salt flats must be the most diverse range of terrain possible, and to see it spaced only 4 days drive apart is incredible. I would recommend Bolivia to every serious traveller who embarks on a journey to travel south America.

Some Interesting Facts about Bolivia

Bolivia has so much interesting stuff going on that I will almost certainly forget to include some facts. The incredible culture in Bolivia gives way to some fascinating ways of life, which then leads to some brilliant things for us to see and talk about. I remember peering over La Paz at night and the goldfish bowl affect the mountains gives the city is amazing. To get you a little interested about your travel to Bolivia I have written a few things below that i find really cool

There are some amazing facts that this country boasts, so check out our Bolivia Facts page to find out some more.

Jonnie on top of La Paz
Jonnie at the Top of La Paz overlooking the Goldfish Bowl

Did you know that the La Paz is the World's highest capital city?

Did you know that Lake Titicaca is the World's highest navigable lake?

Did you know that the Atacama desert is the most arid desert in the World?

Bolivia Attractions

As I have already mentioned, Bolivia has a lot of attractions and thousands of people travel to Bolivia every year. It is often described by fellow backpackers as the surprise of the trip and some people have the best time in this country. So what are the best things to do? Well the best thing I did throughout my travel to Bolivia was the 4 day tour to the Salt Flats. This was an incredible tour and I highly recommend it. Other things to do could include: Tour of Lake Titicaca Cycling down the death road A trip into the jungle Visit the gold mines Watch cholita wrestling Visit the Salt flats

Salt flats borrowers
Borrowers illusion photos of us at the Salt Flats

This is just a handful of things to do and they are all really exciting.

Click here for more info on Bolivia Attractions.

Bolivia Culture

Bolivian culture is influenced by many different things but what I really noticed was that it is very distinct. It is a landlocked country and is located in a position that is highly influenced by the Andes Mountains. So as with all places that are remote, there is an abundance of different languages, customs and ways of life that combine to create an absolute unique culture.

It is heavily influenced by the Inca's and the Aymara's among other indigenous groups. You can see in the music. The panflutes have a great sound. They are really relaxing! The clothes are really unique. Multicoloured shawls and traditional dresses are worn daily by the Bolivian women, which is a tradition passed down from Incan tribes. Bolivia food is also heavily influenced their culture. I can't say I had great experience with Bolivian food as I had one meal in a restaurant and ended up with an upset belly for a few days. Although I think this was due to altitude sickness. But what it meant was that I could not try all the different types of food I wanted. There really is a lot of culture that takes a bit getting used to in this country so take a lot at Bolivia Culture here.

Death Road Bolivia

The North Yungas road, also known as the "death road", runs from high grounds in La Paz to Coroico at lower grounds in the Amazon region. The road stretches to somewhere between 61-69km and the Inter-American Development Bank have termed it the World's most dangerous road and it is estimated that between 200-300 people are killed on the road every year.

Death Road
The World Famous Death Road in La Paz

The road is a hot spot for travellers searching for an adrenaline rush. You will get a chance to view incredible scenery covering the altiplano, mountains and the jungle below. There are many tour operators offering their services but as safety is of paramount importance, be sure to go with a reputable company. Once again, a recommendation from your hostel may be a good place to start. You do not have to cycle down this road so fast that everything is a blur; in fact, you can go as slow as you like. There is a guide behind you at all times. Not all tourist go for this tour; make sure it's for you at Bolivia Death Road. This excursion just might make your travel to Bolivia.

Weather in Bolivia

You are often going to be at considerable altitude throughout your travel to Bolivia, so even though at times it may seem cool, the sun's rays will be stronger than you think, so use sun tan lotion! In general during their summer months temperatures are high and rainfall is higher than any other time of the year. The winter months are usually colder and drier.

You will be at a high altitude throughout your trip in Bolivia so the temperatures vary. Usually temperatures reach well below zero at night and winds can be very strong. On the other hand, the sun's rays can be strong and if you plan to explore the south of the country in the Desert region, then you should definitely prepare for extremely hot sunshine during the day. I found that by wearing more clothes I was cooler than when wearing less, as the sun's ray!

Salt Flat Tour - Atacama Desert
ME, Rich and Jonnie at the Atacama Desert