Volunteer Latin America

Make a real difference and volunteer Latin America. If you are considering giving your time for the benefit of others then why not do it in South America?

You will have the chance to volunteer in an exciting environment and with so many different options to choose from you are surely spoilt for choice. South America has a wide array of economic differences and environmental varieties. So you may be interested in volunteering helping out in urban areas in Buenos Aires or help building an animal sanctuary in the Amazon. The options are endless!!

What Volunteer Latin America programmes are there?

Latin America offers volunteer programmes that can suit everyone.

Urban Projects

With economic problems throughout a lot of cities in South America, there are an abundance of volunteer programmes that help tackle poverty. Volunteering in the favelas in Rio de Janeiro is a popular option or maybe you would be interested in working with street kids in Rio. These are just two ideas but if you feel that you can add value to the projects and have a big interest in urban development then this type of programme is for you.


Where else in the World could you imagine being off the beaten track, working in the most natural environment in anywhere. Volunteer Latin America could lead you to consider spending a decent amount of time:
  • Working on reforestation projects. The Amazon is nicknamed the "lungs of the Earth"
  • Or what about protecting the rainforest with sustainability developments
  • Maybe building an exciting new tourist attraction in the middle of the jungle
These are just a few ideas but I cannot think of a more exciting place in the World to volunteer. You will be surrounded by wild animals, unique fauna that you will probably not see again and indigenous people who must live such extraordinary lives.

Your support in these areas is so beneficial to the local areas and at the end of your project you will feel such a great sense of achievement. At a time where global warming is on the news every day, volunteering to improve our CO2 emissions by ensuring the future of the Amazon rainforest is something that you should be very proud of.

Volunteer Teaching English

This is a very famous and fulfilling option that is widely participated in throughout South America. With English being the Worlds local language there is always people in a predominantly Spanish speaking continent that require teaching. Volunteer programmes though concentrate on teaching English to those who need it the most. You could find yourself in an inner city school teaching children who are under-privileged. On the other hand you may find yourself in the middle of the jungle that need to learn English. This might be because they need to communicate with tourists to make a living or kids in the local amazing villages so they can develop businesses with the large multi-nationals who are taking over many Amazonian areas.

What do you get from it?

Volunteer Latin America will give you many skills that will be so valuable for your future. You will gain a lot, learn a lot and feel a sense of achievement and fulfilment that you cannot get by doing most jobs that we end up in on our return.

Most people volunteer because they feel passionate about helping. The type of project you end up helping with is entirely down to your preference.

A big reason why a lot of people volunteer is because they want a bit more excitement! You might not want to wake up every morning and join the rat race to go and sit in an office. You may prefer to wake up in a hammock and help the Bolivian’s save their rainforest. Which would you prefer?

In this economic climate having the extra skills and experiences will give you the edge over your fellow competitors when you reach final stages of interviewing back home. You will no doubt learn generic skills such as:
  • Organisational Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Determination and resilience Skills
  • Leadership Skills

Learn a Language at the same time

While you volunteer Latin America there is a good chance that you will be in an environment that speaks either Spanish or Portuguese, with limited English around the place. So if you ever wanted to learn a foreign language combining the both could be a fantastic option.

Being exposed to the language every day will mean that you have no other option other than to learn at least the basics. This I can tell you from experience is the fastest way to learn Spanish. When I lived with Argentineans that knew little or no English the only way I could have a chat with people every day was by practising Spanish. This was a great decision and the benefits really have paid off.

A lot of volunteering programmes offer Spanish classes that run in parallel with your volunteering duties and are built into the programme. You will be able to communicate more freely with the locals and gain skills that are invaluable to employers in the future.

This will create whole new Worlds for you! So Volunteer Latin America and create your own great Adventure in South America!