Amazing Weather in Argentina

As you can imagine, the weather in Argentina is different in all locations. Argentina is huge and spans from one of the most southern points in the World to the deserts in the north. Argentina is however, blessed with stunning weather, which will make your backpacking trip fantastic.

It is such a great characteristic for a country to have, as the outdoor culture really can prevail. I know firsthand just how valuable this is! I think it rains at least once every two days here!

Weather in Buenos Aires

The weather in Buenos Aires is gorgeous for most of the year. The city is built up as you would imagine so you are not as affected by it as you will be I other areas, but it can get very hot, humid and sticky at times.

But the sun is often shining and temperatures soar so take your sun tan lotion!

Weather Today in Buenos Aires

Weather in Cordoba

The weather in Cordoba is gorgeous and attracts tourists from all over Argentina every year to spend their annual vacations. Over the past few years there has been a few problems with a lack of rainfall and temperatures have soared, often over 35C.

Sun cream is definitely needed in Cordoba! However, it is still far enough south to get affected by the seasons and winter can see temperatures well below 10C.

Weather Today in Cordoba

Weather in Mendoza

Mendoza, like the majority of weather in Argentina, is blessed with beautiful weather. In fact, the climate is Mendoza is perfect for vinyards to flourish. It is usually dry and is irrigated by the drainage basin from the surrounding mountains.

When I was in Mendoza it was mid Autumn and the weather was still not bad at all. The sun shone strongly and the days were still long. Nights were cold but not to the same scale that I am used to here in the UK. After speaking with friends who lived in Mendoza for a while, they told me how beautiful and warm the summesr are. Mendoza has a great climate!

Weather Today in Mendoza

Weather in Salta

I remember arriving in Cordoba after a 12 hour journey from Cordoba. We were heading towards the Andes and you can really feel the difference in land elevation. In fact, it is a great md way point to stop and adjust en route to Bolivia. Anyway, the weather here is different from most other weather in Argentina as it is located at a higher altitude gives us a different climate!

The days can be very warm and the sun is very strong. Flash storms are common and can last a few hours and there can be a lot of mist and fog at higher grounds. Nights are cool and I think this was the first place that actually had quilts on the bed like we know them here in the UK! Until this point all that was needed was a thin sheet!

Weather Today in Salta