Weather in Bolivia

The weather in Bolivia is about as crazy as you could imagine. You could be walking down a nice sunny street in La Paz sweating, to turn a corner and it will be shady and pretty cold.

Of course, the Bolivian weather is dominated by the sheer altitude that most places find themselves.

Head Scarf saving my head from Burning in the Atacama Desert
Head Scarf saving my head from Burning in the Atacama Desert

So during the daytime the sun shines strong and as you are a little closer to it than normal (about 5000m!) You will certainly feel the heat. It is also the only landlocked country on the continent, so no areas are freshened by the sea breeze and temperatures can sore during summer.

At night time wrap up warm though. The duvets are thick lined and the heating is on in some places. Tupiza was the first place I saw a proper, thick duvet!

Weather in La Paz

As mentioned, the weather in La Paz is crazy. It can be really warm in the sunshine during the day and pretty cold at night. It is so high up that you can really feel the sun on your skin. High factor sun screen is advised

Weather Today in La Paz

Weather in Salar de Uyuni

Salar de Uyuni is located in the south and the weather here may be the craziest of all weather in Bolivia. The Atacama Desert located just to the south of Salar which is the driest desert on the planet. So you can imagine it doesn't rain a lot.

But like La Paz - scorching days, cold nights

Weather Today in Uyuni

Weather in Oruro

If you fancy splitting the 12 hour journey up between La Paz and the Salt flats then Oruro could be a good choice.

Same rules apply - warm days, cold nights and chilly winds

Weather Today in Oruro

Weather in Sucre

If you are visiting Sucre to see the gold mines then make sure you know how the weather is doing!

Weather Today in Sucre

Weather in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz is Bolivia's largest city and is found in the lowlands so has a tropical cliamte. Temperatures are warm all year round and due to its location it is has both the rainy and dry season.

Weather Today in Santa Cruz De La Sierra