Weather Peru

Weather Peru is very much dictated by the area in which you are travelling and there are many dramatic contrasts to take in. In the coastal regions and the jungle areas - get used to pulling out the shorts and flip flops but as you climb higher into the Andes the layers will be put back on quickly! These contrasts can best be defined by splitting the country into three separate geographical regions.

The arid coastal regions

These areas do not often see rain and Weather Peru conditions here are generally hot and dry for most of the year. Peru has large expanses that are in effect desert regions with sand dunes that stretch for miles. Many of the coastal regions including the capital Lima are covered in mist and fog for most of the year and here the temperatures are bit cooler.

The amazing Peruvian Desert
The Amazing Peruvian Desert

This fog becomes particularly prevalent as you get closer to the sea and does make the prospect of a swim at the beach a little bit less appealing! However, Peru is renowned for its excellent surfing so put on a wet suit and make the most of it!

The Highlands

Weather Peru in the Andean regions is much cooler than areas at sea level and so you should expect to need some warm outdoor gear. Temperatures by day generally range from around 18-20 degrees Celsius and indeed when the sun is shining brightly in the middle of the day it can feel pleasantly warm.

High up in the Andes
High up in the Andes

Just beware that the cool conditions can be deceptive because being in the mountainous regions actually makes you more vulnerable to the sun, so make sure you are wearing plenty of sun block! However, make sure you wrap up well at night because it is common for temperatures to dive down below freezing at night time, particularly away from the towns and cities. The rainy season is generally from December through to March.

The Jungle

The Jungle areas of Peru are spread over an area that covers over half of the country which is surprising given many associate it with the Andean mountain ranges. Weather Peru in these areas is as you would expect it to be. Hot, humid and wet. When you travel South America you will find that the jungle areas will generally be sweltering during the day and the heat will normally give way to a heavy downpour usually accompanied by a thunderstorm by evening.

Rich in the Peruvian Jungle
Rich in the Peruvian Jungle

Peru is no different and the weather here behaves in the same way. However, even during the rainy season from December to May, it will usually not rain for more than a few hours each day.